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The educational nonprofit ,New Directions for Academic Advancement, began a joint venture with education professionals in China to establish tutoring centers throughout China.


These centers teach English as a Second Language, of high value in China since English is a currency language that can open unlimited possibilities for Chinese students and set their lives up for success.  This partnership began in 2016 and has since opened centers in Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen, and Wuxi to ensure that children in China and beyond can have access to a world-class English educational system. 

NDA2 in Guangzhou

NDA2 in Xiamen

NDA2 in Fuzhou

Fuzhou Overview

The Invitation to Teach

The Teaching Opportunity

New Directions for Academic Advancement is an American educational brand specializing in children’s English education with a method of English immersion education, and dedicated to cultivate both students’ individuality and comprehensive quality.


Established in 2001, our headquarters is located in Los Angeles, where more than 200 schools use our educational resources. In order to build the best and most professional community education brand, we are now introducing into China the American curriculum system as well as the teaching model of children’s education.

We are now seeking both full-time and part-time teachers to instruct children ages 3-15 years old at the New Directions A2 International English training center in Guangzhou. 

Please email your resume to info@newdirectionsacademics.org if you are interested in the position.


The Position Details

Job Description 
- Instructing students ages 3-15 in spoken and written English. 
- Maximum of 25 teaching hours per week. The other 15 hours during the week are administrative (i.e., grading assignments, attending staff meetings, reviewing lesson plans, conducting occassional demo classes, etc.) 
- Maximum of 8 students per class. 

- Students are placed in each class based on their grade level and their score on the NDA2 placement exam. 
- Classes are 1.5 hours on weekdays and 2-2.5 hours on weekends. 
- Classes are scheduled for the late afternoon and early evening on weekdays. Classes are scheduled for morning through the late afternoon on weekends. 
- You will have a Chinese national teacher's assistant with you in each class that you teach. 
- You will be trained to use New Directions A2 resources for classes. New Directions A2 curriculum places a strong emphasis on phonemic awareness, total physical response and the sound formation system. 

- is a Native Level English speaker 
- has at least a bachelor's degree 
- has teaching certification (TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA) 
- is passionate about teaching and dedicated to student outcomes 
- has an energetic and enthusiastic disposition 
- is willing to receive training about the New Directions A2 methodology and utilize New Directions A2 curriculum


Salary and Benefits 
- Full-time monthly salary: 13,000 RMB to 17,000 RMB per month (including teaching hours) 
- All working documents sponsored and compensated for full-time teachers 
- Health Insurance provided 
- Teaching assistant provided 
- Holiday bonus provided 

- Monthly housing allowance provided

Please email your resume to info@newdirectionsacademics.org

if you are interested in the position.

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NDA2 Fuzhou

NDA2 Fuzhou Grand Opening