The Distinction

The programs and resources of New Directions for Academic Advancement (NDA2) are distinct from other publishers’ curricula (that of Epson, Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Houghton Mifflin, and others) in several ways.


The first is our strong adherence to the four formal patterns of English which are 1) forming sounds, 2) attaching sounds to letters, 3) memorizing high frequency words, and 4) stringing words together to make the syntactical patterns of English and connecting those patterns to reading and reciting English story grammar and narratives.


This is a cutting-edge educational method that has been proven to be most effective in opening the windows of English to learners. The second way that NDA2 resources are set apart is that we use adequate repetition so that every learner can retain and utilize the information long-term. NDA2 also develops all of its resources specifically for children, rather than adapting an adult lesson and simplifying it for a child. Our program design is based on how children develop and learn.

Finally, NDA2 uses the visuals, narratives, and other teaching opportunities to help students understand and apply good character and discipline to their lives. Our goal is that students having gone through NDA2 programs emerge not only as excellent readers but as critical thinkers and citizens with good morals and discipline in their lives.