Grades 3-5: The Dream Cap Series

In the Dream Cap Reading Series, learners use their knowledge of print to build cognitive and effective patterns for English interaction. This series of readers opens up a window on an American neighborhood and children so the learners can see how English is used to problem solve, learn new strategies, and gain a broader understanding of the American culture.


Four characters, Shay, Olivia, Kordell and Madison, open up their neighborhood, homes, and lives to help the new English speaker gain insight into how the American family thinks and interacts, as well as how children their age can make moral decisions and build good character.

Reading is the key to learning vocabulary. English has 88,600 word families. This makes learning words so important to full English fluency. The best way to learn those words Is through reading. The Dream Cap Reading Series makes it easy for students to start the journey of learning all these English labels.