The Mission

Dr. Linda Gonzales was commissioned by the famous Peter Drucker to help every child learn to read since he said that improving literacy is the number one most influential thing she could do to change the world. Since then, Dr. Gonzales discovered that reading first graders have an 88% chance of school success.


If by second grade a student cannot read, they have a 75% chance of life failure. If by third grade a student cannot read, they have a 90% chance of not completing high school. Therefore, she set-out to create a methodology that would help students acquire foundational sounds that make them fluent in English and competent readers from the start.


Dr. Linda Gonzales’ goal of improving child’s literacy has been instrumental in “making every child’s story a success.” She hopes that others will catch her vision, realizing that improved literacy in schools reduces poverty and imprisonment and gives children the boost they need to avoid this type of failure. She continues to help children change their destiny with New Directions resources, starting with toddlers and continuing through elementary school.