The Organization

New Directions for Academic Advancement (NDA2) has an long history of guiding children to academic success through literacy and character development. From its founding in 2001, New Directions for Academic Advancement (New Directions) was created as a nonprofit to serve education. During the early years, the organization helped failing schools and districts with radical improvement through educational reform. These turnaround efforts were patterned after Dr. Linda Gonzales’ successful experience as a Superintendent of Los Angeles Schools.


NDA2 was one of the first organizations licensed and approved to carry out those turnaround duties in California. NDA2 has been called to international service sending scholars to Cambodia, Peru, Bolivia and Uganda. The organization has provided school supplies training and support to schools in these countries. These activities have advanced our mission for all children to read by age nine.


New Directions for Academic Advancement has continued on to provide program for children in infancy through Grade 5 to excel in reading. These resources are loved by teachers, children, and families as they are comprehensive and easy-to-use for teachers, engaging, motivating, and fun for learners, and effective in character reform for children in their school and home environments.