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"Making Every Child's Story a Success"

New Directions A2 (NDA2) is an educational non-profit organization that was founded in 2001 by Dr. Linda Gonzales. NDA2 provides a method for guiding children to academic success. The curriculum of New Directions A2 uses cutting-edge educational methods, proven most effective in opening the windows of English to learners.  NDA2 creates all of its resources based on how children develop and learn. NDA2 uses adequate repetition and discovery-based learning so that students engage with, and retain what they learn.  This methodology sets NDA2 students apart as critical thinkers with a strong phonemic foundation and academic disciplines that prepared them for success throughout their education and their lives. New Directions A2 teaching materials are used in schools and tutoring centers throughout the United States, China and Latin America.


Dr. Linda Gonzales

Linda Gonzales, Ph.D. founded New Directions A2 after Peter Drucker commissioned her to help every child learn to read.  She served a sterling 45 year career as a teacher, principal, deputy superintendent and superintendent throughout Southern California. Dr. Gonzales was appointed by the Governor of California to the writing group for the California English Language Arts Framework and she was selected by the President of the United States to serve on the National Literacy Council. Dr. Gonzales has a heart for students to actualize their potential and fulfill their destiny, which is why she created a comprehensive, systematic teaching methodology that has a record of success across the nation. Dr.  Gonzales’ has published articles in peer-reviewed, scholarly journals such as Educational Leadership and Education Weekly. Dr. Gonzales presents her concepts at major international, national and state educational leadership conferences.

A Passionate Heart with a Proven Track-Record

New Directions A2

Students who use New Directions A2 curriculum experience how fun, inspiring, and exciting it is to learn.  The lessons make learning an adventure through experiential education, phonemic awareness and total physical response, making children want to discover more.  The time spent in NDA2 classes, while just seeming like enjoyable experiences,

are the foundation to future success.  The content they engage with is easily remembered and used as an

advantage in students’ continued education. 

An Adventure Now, An Advantage Later

Comprehensive Curriculum 

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