Preschool: Discovering English

Discovering English is a highly interactive program for very young children (Ages 0-2) that starts to build the connection with English as one of the vehicles for communication. All languages string together sounds to create labels (words) for things, actions, feelings, descriptions, and locations.


Discovering English capitalizes on this early learning window to begin molding English readiness. The baby works with sounds, colors, shapes; and toys. The activities are engaging, stimulating, fun, redundant, and foundational for early English.


NDA2 begins formal English instruction with the core sounds of English. Through a series of steps, turns and movements, the learner is taken from forming sounds, to attaching sounds to letters, memorizing high frequency words, stringing words together to make the syntactical patterns of English and connecting those patterns to reading and reciting English story grammar and narratives.


There are four formal programs that open the windows of English. Each step is precise, guided and supported. After completing all four programs, the learner knows how to use the currency language English to open the doors in his/her life.