Sounds in Action brings English alive for second language learners in a way that is comprehensible, interactive, and fun.  The students are asked to act with their bodies as well as their brains.  The process of language acquisition is synchronized with and partially facilitated by the movements of the body.  It is recommended that students remain silent until they are ready to speak, usually about ten hours of instruction.  At first, they jump, run, sing or do whatever is necessary to show that the request has been comprehended.  A typical class might consist of approximately 70% listening comprehension and 30% speaking.  



Sounds in Action has 40 units that utilize the techniques perfected from research in 1925 by Harold and Dorothy Palmer and made popular by Dr. James Asher in the 1970’s who called the technique, Total Physical Response (TPR).  NDA2  Action English incorporates other materials to ensure that the students are gaining in the acquisition of English and building confidence.  The goal of the NDA2 Action English lessons is to capitalize on the research by Dr. James Asher and add more recent findings to scaffold and solidify the approach.  The commands are given to the class as a whole, to small groups, and to individuals.  The requests will gain complexity as the students demonstrate proficiency.  



This book is intended to be used with Firefly Takes Off beginning in Unit 22.  This is the first book in The Firefly Reading Series.  This course is designed to be used before Sounds of English, the New Directions Phonics and Early Writing Course.

K3 Stories in Action | Teacher Guide