The Discovering English Program is highly interactive in helping young learners to build the connection to English as a vehicle for communication.  All languages string together sounds to create labels (words) for things, actions, feelings, descriptions, and locations.  The Discovering English Program capitalizes on this early learning window to begin molding English readiness.  As the children interact with readily recognized colors, shapes, and animals, they are setting the foundation for early English comprehension.


This New Directions A2 (NDA2) program begins formal English instructions with engaging, stimulating, fun, and repetitive activities intentionally designed to help children retain and utilize what they learn.  The program teaches basic conversational English as well as number, color, shape, and letter recognition.  Students will also be able to identify and discuss object location and sequence.  These concepts are introduced and exercised through watching them on the Sing with Firefly DVD episodes, playing with them in flashcard games, coloring them on activity sheets, singing them in English songs, and discussion them in response to questions.


The strong grasp children obtain of these concepts gives them a solid foundation to begin their study of phonics and writing in the NDA2 Kindergarten Program.


The Sing with Firefly Teacher Guide is intended to be used with the Sing with Firefly DVD and the Sing with Firefly Flashcards. 

K1 Discover English | Teacher Guide