Building Blocks of English has 40 units sequenced to help learners acquire the structure of words, phrases, and sentences in English.  Students will encounter the contributions made from the multiple layers of English (the Anglo-Saxon, Latin, and Greek layers) and practically apply these to written and spoken English. In Building Blocks of English, students learn that words have functions and that sentences work when words are properly used to convey the desired meaning. Building Blocks of English prepares students to spell words and compose sentences in English.


The drills for each unit include hearing (recognizing) and saying the various building blocks, reading examples of them in word lists and story passages, and exercising them in common English scenarios.  Each story passage not only allows students to see how the English building blocks they are learning in that unit can be used, but inspires them to live responsible, caring, and hard-working lives as good citizens and community members.


Building Blocks of English is the final of three levels of reading development.  The first is Sounds of English which introduced short vowel sounds, consonant sounds, and consonant blends.  The second level, Vowel Patterns of English, introduced long vowel sounds, other vowel patterns, and several special consonant sounds.  This third level, Building Blocks of English, introduces students to multisyllabic words, prefixes, suffixes, parts of speech, and other foundational building blocks of the English language. 

P4 Building Blocks of English | Teacher Textbook