Through The Firefly Reading Series, learners are guided into the application of newly acquired sound skills to attach those sounds to the Roman alphabet.  They are assisted by metaphorical guides, Firefly and Chubbs the Bulldog, in the journey of understanding English stories.  Firefly Sound Shop is the second of NDA2’s five-book reading series which leads learners to competently recognize and utilize the 43 sound of English and the 250 most common English words in textbooks. Within these five books, learners start by attaching sounds to letters until they achieve  the ability to read at least 100 words correctly per minute with 95% accuracy. 


In this second book of The Firefly Reading Series, the students are presented with the standardization of English cemented through high frequency words, more sound and letter practice, and introduction of how to string English sounds together (using sound cards) to build English words that in combination with the high frequency words make the learner a reader.  In the following three books, Firefly incrementally reveals and provides exercises for sounds, high frequency words, affixes, story grammar, and English syntactical patterns.  The learner is now to prepared to read, write and speak English narratives (beginning, middle, and end).  The reading programs help build the comprehension, vocabulary, cognitive and affective filters to process English thoughts and ideas.


This Reading Series is most effective when used after the New Directions Phonics and Early Writing Course (including the Sounds of English Teacher Book, the Sounds of English Student Textbook, the Sounds of English Workbook, and the Sound Cards). 

P2 Stories of English | Reading Textbook