Sounds of English has 40 units sequenced to lead students from sound to print in their journey toward fluency in speaking and reading English.  A metaphorical guide, Chubbs the Dog, guides the learner and leader through the foundational sounds of English.  Each unit only takes 10-15 minutes while it navigates a hierarchy of cognitive abilities in increasingly difficult tasks through the eight steps leading to phonemic awareness development.  It is easily used by the teacher or parent facilitating the learning process and enjoyed by students with its accompanying hand motions.  Sounds of English curriculum equips students with the ability to say the sounds and recognize them so that they will be prepared to read and write those sounds.


New Directions A2 recommends making time for students to complete this foundational course twice during the school year.  The first time, the drills should only be accompanied by the Chubbs Sound Cards.  The second time, students can learn to write the sounds they hear with proper letter formation techniques and reinforce what they learn in each unit in their Student Workbook.  The Firefly Reading Series is useful for taking the sounds learned and applying them to common reading scenarios.


Sounds of English is the first of three levels of reading development.  It introduces short vowel sounds, consonant sounds, and consonant blends.  The next level, Vowel Patterns of English, introduces long vowel sounds and other vowel sounds.  The final level, Building Blocks of English, introduces students

to multisyllabic words, prefixes, suffixes, and common English word roots.


P1 Sounds of English | Teacher Guide